This page allows me to describe and give details of the courses.                      

Ruwaida & Rehana after finishing Beginner's

Beginner's Course:

This course is an introduction to the pastes (flower paste and Fondant) that I teach how to make them. Then you start with simple flowers, first without any cutters to get acquainted with the paste and the tools, then you start with only two cutters to make easy flowers. At the end of Beginners you will cover a cake with Fondant and decorate with the flowers you have learn.
(Photos of Ruwaida and Rehana  with cakes made after finishing Beginner's)

Advanced Course:

In the Advanced course you will learn more difficult and involved flowers and you will go through some projects and learn how to assemble bouquets for wedding cakes etc. Once you have finished the three courses, I will program some projects from time to time, especially in groups of students that have finished the courses and other people interested in attending, to keep them to the more up to date technics.

Intermediate    Course:

In this  course you learn how to make life like flowers petal by petal, using wires and to assemble simple bouquets to display on cakes. If the student is interested, I will teach the technic of Figurine making.

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Photos of classes